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CompXpert Solutions

Flexible Solutions to Meet Client's Needs

CompXpertís solutions recognize that not all clientsí needs are the same. A public sector client that competes in two distinct markets (e.g. public sector / private sector) for talent and wants to measure their competitive position independently in those two markets has a different need than a public company competing in the private sector or a consulting firm that needs the flexibility to serve a diverse client set.

Because CompXpert is designed around detachable databases, it can be configured to meet a wide variety of client needs. CompXpert is offered in four different configuration solutions to tailor its approach and capabilities to the different needs of our clients.

  • Corporate – solution for most private or public organizations that compete in a single broad market.
  • Consulting – solution for consulting firms managing multiple client projects with different survey and data requirements.
  • Dual Market – solution for clients that compete in two distinctly different markets such as the public sector that competes in both the public sector and private sector or organizations that have different pricing strategies for different markets.
  • Client Customized – solution for clients with a unique market analytics process or firms that want to host CompXpert internally.
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