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Market Analytics with CompXpert

CompXpert is a comprehensive web-based solution that streamlines the market pricing process while enhancing data quality and user accountability. CXís key differentiator in pricing is its focus on annual planning. While the other guys use an ad-hoc pricing approach to incrementally build a benchmark pricing inventory, CompXpertís approach focuses on integrating the market pricing and competitive positioning assessment for large numbers of benchmark jobs. CX is still an excellent ad-hoc pricing tool but the real work for compensation professionals is efficiently assessing the competitive position for 75 to 500 benchmark jobs.

Why do you need CompXpert for market pricing?

CompXpertís pricing module was designed by compensation analysts for compensation professionals in organizations and consulting firms. The key objective of our pricing approach is to efficiently build quality market composites, determine the Company / Clientís current competitive position considering both market and non-market impacts, and create an audit trail of assumptions and findings for those who follow.

CompXpertís pricing module delivers these capabilities:

  • Single screen for all pricing activities; no multi-screen refreshes to work through the decision hierarchy
  • Market prices jobs and determines company competitive position for individual benchmark jobs or in bulk for multiple benchmark jobs
  • Differential pay strategy comparisons (e.g. base-P50, TC-P75) and solution of all components of total cash on a single screen
  • Full functionality to adjust market data for job content and geographic market differences
  • Flexible weighting of market surveys, survey jobs, and market cuts
  • Flexible calculation of Company competitive position including both market and non-market impacts
  • Flexibility for users to organize the market pricing screen fields to suite their analysis preferences
  • Data quality measures for each market record; data reliability and data stability
  • Audit trail log to capture the history of analyst assumptions and findings


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