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Job Matching & Analytics with CompXpert

The value of your market analysis or survey submission is directly related to the quality of your organizationís job matching. Yet with the increasing job complexity of hybrid positions, job matching is becoming more collaborative with line and field management. But how do you increase the information flow while also effectively managing the job comparison process? With ANALYTICS!

In addition to a best-in-class job matching approach, CompXpert includes analytics to screen and quality-assure all survey job matches. And because CompXpert is designed around a business planning process rather than an ad-hoc pricing process, CompXpert anticipates issues that can muck-up both the market pricing and survey submission processes.

CompXpertís job matching module delivers these capabilities:

  • Single screen matching management displaying all company jobs, all survey jobs, all match relationships, and any audit trail matching comments
  • On-board data management tools to organize company and survey matching screen
  • Single drag and drop matching
  • Match bracketing: displays company job description plus TWO survey job descriptions for streamlined comparison and decision-making
  • Hybrid job matching: multiple matching of company jobs to survey jobs and vice versus
  • Hybrid job matching management: job matching for market pricing, survey submission or both
  • Match level indicator which is included in the CompXpert market pricing screen
  • Job matching validation tool to screen and assess the quality of all benchmark matches to a selected survey
    • Identify potential incorrect matching
    • Identify company incumbents that should be excluded from survey submissions (e.g. red-circled employees)
  • Audit trail log to capture matching


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