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Dual Market Solution

CompXpert solution for clients that compete in two distinctly different markets such as the public sector that competes in both the public sector and private sector or organizations that have different pricing strategies for different markets.

  • Process Approach: annual organization planning to support both market analysis and survey submission
  • Market Pricing Process: two external pricing modules that analyzes all jobs and markets independently to reduce bias from survey dominance and then analyze the combined results.

Available Solution Modules

  • Company Analytics
  • Survey Data Library
  • Job Matching / Validation
  • Market Analytics
  • Salary Structure Analytics
  • Survey Submission
  • Survey Data Support Services

Commercial Delivery

  • Annual subscription with minimum 3-year term
    • CompXpert license fee
    • Maintenance / hosting
    • Customer support
  • Discounts for 4 year & 5 year term
  • Annual update of database
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