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Company Data Analytics with CompXpert

For most market pricing tools, company data is just an input and organizations extract little value from their work to assemble company and employee data. Most organizations, particularly those with complex HR enterprise systems, use a monthly Excel extract of data for ad-hoc employee analysis because HRIS systems are good at data collection and storage but not analysis. CompXpertís Company Data module can change that!

CompXpertís on-board data management tools make analysis of company and employee data simple yet powerful. Whether you want to rank or filter data, do computations, or create pivot-like data groupings, CompXpert can provide those integrated capabilities in a single solution system.

CompXpertís company data module delivers these capabilities:

  • Provide an environment for intuitive analysis of company and employee data eliminating custom reporting from your HRIS system or complicated Excel analysis such as:
    • Determining the distribution of employee performance ratings for a select department or business unit
    • Determine the mix and average base and total cash pay for part-time and full-time employees in the Customer Service Department
    • Determine the percentage of eligible employees that received LTI grants by type and by grade
    • Develop simplified pay equity analysis for various employee groups
  • Save an analysis framework for future on-going use
  • Export all analysis screens to Excel for graphics or further analysis / reporting


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