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NPKtools' principals have over 20 years experience in market research. Our approach to compensation analysis is to use the tools and our extensive experience to assess the compensation challenge from non-traditional HR perspectives.

Planning for Survey Submission: Are you ready to feed the beast?

Survey submission is an important activity, and one that fosters an understanding of how pay market information is created and later how that market information can be used. Don't assign it to the new guy! Call NPKtools.

Information Management Services

NPKtools' information management service is an outgrowth of the market data administration services imbedded in our CompXpert solutions and the expertise developed analyzing survey market data as part of our outsourcing practice since 1998.

NPKtools offers market data administrative services both on a standalone basis and bundled with the CompXpert software. NPKtools provides standalone services to firms who already have in-house compensation planning and analysis tools but who want to reduce internal resources dedicated to data administration and analysis.

Pay Market Intelligence

Pay Market Intelligence (PMI) data management service is bundled with most CompXpert subscription options. PMI provides end-to-end administration of your market data, from acquisition to loading into CompXpert. Along the way we independently quality assure the data and add proprietary data of our own to evaluate the data quality for each market record.

Pay Market Intelligence includes

  • Review of current survey sources and projected needs
  • Standardization of the vendor data for apples-to-apples comparison
  • Data quality assurance using 29 different Q/A tests
  • Proprietary statistical analysis to assess each market record's level of data reliability
  • Analysis of year-over-year change for each market record to assess data stability
  • Customized delivery of the market data in the layout and for the analysis platform your tools require


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