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Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is one of continuous improvement for our software suite and dedication to client success, as demonstrated by longstanding relationships such as our eleven-year engagement with The Dow Chemical Company.

About NPKtools

NPKtools provides integrated software solutions, information services, and consulting support to help compensation professionals increase productivity, reduce cycle-times, and improve the information on which pay decisions are based. Our goal is to provide independent pay market expertise and best-in-breed analytical systems to enhance business advantage for our clients, now and over the long term.

Our Experience

Our analysts have extensive domain experience, including managing corporate compensation, market analysis, and HR software design and development. Clients include large and small organizations such as Dow Chemical, NASD, Leo Burnett, Medco Health Solutions, Sinclair Community College, and Air Products and Chemicals.

Our Philosophy

NPK simply means “no prior knowledge.” Our services boost productivity even for your least experienced workers by increasing their knowledge base and flexibility. NPK is our primary software design principle and the mandate driving a “teach and do” application approach.

Our Strategy

NPKtools was founded upon the premise that increasing workforce leverage is a key to sustained profitability. Our clients increase workforce leverage by automating work processes, by adopting applications that push technical work to more cost-effective resources, and by outsourcing labor intensive activities that are not mission critical.


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