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NPKtools’ CompXpert is a powerful web-based analytical system that compensation professionals use to manage pay analytics whether company analysis, survey market data assessment, market pricing or salary structure development. Created by compensation specialists to manage compensation outsourcing projects, CompXpert has been designed to incorporate inboard data management capabilities in nearly every screen and the results from all screens can be quickly exported to Excel for more detailed analysis. Using intuitive Control Panels that organize tasks within each module, CompXpert is user friendly, comprehensive, powerful, and optimized to produce results now, not three screens from now.

Not Just for Market Pricing

Compare for yourself. CompXpert does the following:

  • Company data analysis – analyze employee demographics and pay
    • Determine by department, the number of full-time / part-time employees and actual labor cost spend for base salary, annual bonus, and total cash
    • Calculate average, minimum and maximum pay for female engineers that receive LTI grants
  • Survey data analysis – analyze survey job and survey market data
    • Identify all survey market records with Attorney, Managing, or Expert in the survey title and export only market records with 10 or more companies reporting
    • Determine the number of market records in a survey that only have sufficient information to publish the market average and not quartile data
  • Job matching – compare and match benchmark jobs to survey jobs
    • Compare a company benchmark job description to two different survey job descriptions to bracket job matching
    • Eliminate the duplicate employee records in survey submission caused by hybrid job matching by specifying when matches are used for pricing or submission
  • Market pricing – comparing company pay to survey market composites
    • Organized to price individual benchmark jobs, all benchmark jobs within a department or pay structure, or all jobs for a business unit / division
    • Enables users to recommend a competitive pay position that incorporates both market and non-market information
  • Salary structure – manage and design market competitive salary structures
    • Update pay structures for competitive structure increases
    • Re-design the composition and characteristics of your pay structures
  • Survey submission – manage the survey submission process
    • Identify and eliminate employee duplications from hybrid job matching
    • Determine the number of employees receiving and mix of stock grants for eligibility reporting
    • Use built-in Q/A tools to review the submission before submission to minimize call-backs from survey data checkers


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