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Where can you find the capabilities to manage employee data, market pricing, job matching, pay structure development and survey submission all in a single solution? CompXpert, NPKtools' web-based compensation analytics system, provides those capabilities and more:

  • Consolidate duplicate job roles for market analysis or survey submission
  • Analyze employee demographics and pay
  • Market price benchmark jobs and slot non-benchmark jobs
  • Update or re-design company salary structures
  • Manage the complete survey submission process, not just export employee records matched to a survey

CompXpert capabilities are embedded in a data management system that enables users to sort, filter, group, count, and calculate on nearly all screens expanding the systems’ capabilities from a single purpose ad-hoc pricing tool to an integrated compensation analytics solution.

Because CompXpert has been designed by compensation data users to manage compensation analysis tasks the system provides more flexibility for data analysis than competing tools and CompXpert is optimized to swiftly produce results.

Flexible and customized to your needs

CompXpert is configured to meet different client’s analytical needs and pocketbook but is scalable to add additional capabilities as needs require. Learn more!

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